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Refinishing and Refurbishing

New pews are not your only option for upgrading your church furniture.

Ward Manufacturing will refinish your existing wood furniture (provided the condition of the wood is suitable for refinishing). During the refinishing process, necessary repairs can be made on basically sound pews.

This cost effective option will provide many more years of service from your current seating. Money saved by refinishing can be applied to new pews for additional seating or for new chancel furniture.

All of your pews can be refinished at the same time during a total renovation at your church or we can rework them in groups, so your sanctuary can still be utilized.

We use new floor anchors when reinstalling your pews to ensure that they are level and sturdy.

Options for refinishing include:

  • Matching the original color and finish

  • Using an entirely new color

You may want to consider completely refurbiour pshing yews by reupholstering them at the same time.

Contact us if your pews could use a face lift. A qualified representative will discuss upgrading your existing furniture.


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